Hedge Project Day

The Hedge Project Day took place on the 29th of October 2011 and involved altogether 23 volunteers, some of whom worked on the site where the hedge was to be built, others who made refreshments and food and kept us all happy. The idea of the hedge is that it should be composed of holly, hawthorn and blackthorn, planted quite closely along by the path between Byng Road and Cavendish Road. The proposed hedge will be quite long, so it was thought to be a challenge to plant such a dense hedge along such a length.

digging holes for the plants

Digging holes for the plants

We have some free bare-rooted whips arriving from the Woodland Trust soon, but not enough for the whole length. However, we had already identified many small holly, hawthorn and blackthorn plants on site, so have done some clever reuse by digging them up and planting them in the hedge. We will need to regularly water the plants during the early months and keep weeds at bay.

The work on the site roughly followed the pattern of:

  • clearing the undergrowth so that a trench could be dug without the diggers being harmed,
  • collecting some compost to nourish the seedlings to be planted
  • digging the trench
  • digging two sets of holes for the seedlings and later, the whips
  • planting what seedlings we had managed to dig up on site
  • watering the seedlings and making sure they were bedded in

We made amazing progress during the day – the whole length of the planting area was prepared, holes were dug and filled with compost and about 80 seedlings were planted. More planting and watering will take place at various times and when the whips arrive we will send out an email asking for a bit more help in planting them.