The Make a Difference Weekend: 1st, 2nd October 2016

Never was an activity so appropriately titled – we really did make a difference that weekend!
At 10 o’clock on Saturday morning, there was a weedy central area in the garden behind the new Environment Centre, a huge pile of steaming compost in the service yard, and 50 rolls of turf on a pallet. Also, in the area between the car park and the Centre there were two beds filled with weeds. See below!

digging the centre bed

Saturday morning at the centre bed

digging the side beds

Saturday morning by the side beds

By 4 o’clock on Sunday afternoon, the central area had been weeded, rotovated, composted, re-rotovated and levelled, and all the turf had been laid and watered in. In addition, the perimeter beds and the mound had been strimmed, and the approach area from the car park had been completely cleared of weeds and planted with a variety of shrubs and flowers. Marvellous!

centre bed cleared and turf laid

Sunday afternoon at the centre bed

side beds cleared and planted

Sunday afternoon by the side beds

There is still a lot to do – completing the turfing, preparing and planting the beds, erecting fencing and laying an Educational Activity Area – but a significant proportion of that will be done by external contractors. We are applying to Barnet Council for an Area Grant, and hopeful that we will be successful and have the funding by early November. Our target is to have the whole garden ready by next Easter.

Very many thanks for what everyone did to help. Thirty-one volunteers contributed 163 hours of volunteer time over the weekend – and it most certainly did ‘make a difference’!

Photographs here by James Davidson, Event Photographer. Email:
Thank you very much, James.