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Please note there will be no “Twilight” visit for teachers this September 2018.  If you do want an after-school visit to see the premises and nature reserve and to ask questions about the sessions then please email and we will be happy to arrange this.


Please contact us by email or telephone if you wish to bring a nursery class.

Woodland Explorers: Half day (10.00-12.00)
Children become nature explorers, using their senses and finding out why senses are important to animals. Investigate woodland and meadow minibeasts and play sensory games.


Year 1
Woodland Explorers – Big Bug Hunt: Half day (10.00-12.00)
Enjoy bug hunting in the meadow, in trees and under logs. Discover the similarities and differences between minibeasts and find out what bugs eat!

Woodland and Pond Explorers: Full day (10.00-14.00)
As the Big Bug Hunt with pond dipping to discover the life styles of the weird and wonderful creatures living there.

Year 2
Investigating Minibeasts: Half day (10.00-12.00)
Investigate what lives under the logs and discover the amazing variety of life in the pond.

Habitats and adaptation: Full day (10.00-14.00)
Explore the meadow and woodland and discover the animals and plants that live there. Discover how animals and plants are adapted to live in their habitats and how they depend on each other. Find out what the pond animals eat and how they fit into the pond food chain.

KS 2

Year 3
Minibeast Investigators: Half day (10.00-12.00)
A chance to investigate the minibeasts that live in the meadow, trees and log piles. Discover how these animals can be classified by looking at similar features.

Rocks and soils: Half day(10.00-12.00)
Discover the origins of rocks and fossils in a hands-on activity. Explore how soil is made and see soil formation in progress on the nature reserve, investigating the compost heap, soil erosion and the action of minibeasts in turning wood into soil.

Rocks, Soils and Materials: Full day (10.00-14.00)
Turn your Rocks and Soils experience in to a full day visit with our materials activity. Explore building materials, and their sources, through the ages and experiment with different building materials.

Year 4
Animals in their Habitats: Full day (10.00-14.00)
Explore the meadow, woodland and pond habitats on the nature reserve and discover the minibeasts that live there. Learn different ways to collect invertebrates and find out how to classify and identify them using keys. Discover what pond animals eat and investigate pond food chains.

Year 5
Life Cycles: Full day (10.00-14.00)
Explore the reserve looking for signs of animal life cycles using sweep netting, tree bashing and pond dipping. Investigate plant life cycles through seed dispersal and a pollination survey.

Year 6
Adaptation and evolution: Full day (10.00-14.00)
Investigate the fossil record and evolution, comparing real fossils with animals that live today. Investigate the adaptations of the reserve’s plants and the animals found in the meadow and the pond.

School Visits          Booking Information          Comments from School Visitors