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These have been selected to show you the range of activities undertaken by our visitors.

School / Organisation: Monkfrith School
Year Group: Year 3
Visit Date: 10th and 12th March
Activities Undertaken: Year 3 Rocks, soils and fossils -programme outline – full-day visit
Always a well presented and organised trip with lots of information for the children. Caroline is friendly and very knowledgeable. She has a great rapport with the children. She is always amazingly patient, accommodating and organised with SEN needs.

School / Organisation: Millbrook Park Primary School
Year Group: 4
Visit Date: 5th and 6th March
Activities Undertaken: Habitats and Pond Dipping
The trip was fantastic and a great opportunity for all. The centre catered to our needs including children with physical disabilities. Would love to rebook.

School / Organisation: Vita et Pax Preparatory School
Year Group: 5
Visit Date: 30/01/20
Activities Undertaken: Life Cycles Workshop
Brilliant workshop on life cycles. Good mix of theory inside and practical activities outdoors. Despite visiting during the peak of winter, Caroline was able to engage the children with her exceptional knowledge of the different life cycles.
Other Comments:
It would have been useful to have bins on site so that we didn’t have to carry all of our rubbish on the bus home.

School / Organisation: Alexandra Park School
Year Group: Y12
Visit Date: 9/10/19
Activities Undertaken: Tour, pond-dipping
Our students and teachers had a phenomenal time – thank you! None of the students had ever pond dipped before, so it was a brand new experience for all. The students were astonished at the diversity of species they collected and enjoyed using a variety of resources to identify them. The samples included dragonfly nymphs, pond skaters, backswimmers and even newts. Students also collected data for their A-level Biodiversity PAGs, which was very valuable.
Other Comments:
The equation used for simpson’s index on the sheet is not exactly the same as the one on the OCR A-level Bio specification. This confused some students when we reviewed their work on return – it would be useful to make these the same.

The biotic index is not on their specification, and while learning about it has value, it was competing for attention with Simpson’s index which they have to know for the exam, so for time’s sake, maybe we can focus exclusively on the latter on possible future trips.

Should you want to check what students need to know, P.29 and 30 of the PDF linked below outlines knowledge required about biodiversity.
Thank you Caroline for another unforgettable trip!

School / Organisation: Tudor Primary School
Year Group: Reception
Visit Date: 2/7/19
Activities Undertaken: Woodland and Pond Explorers
An excellent trip – lots of fun and very educational, even the adults learnt a lot! High quality facilities, activities and organisation and pitched very well for the age and understanding of the children. We can’t wait to come back next year!

School / Organisation: 4th East Barnet Beaver Colony
Year Group: 6/8 years
Visit Date: 8th July 2019
Activities Undertaken: Pond dipping and beast hunting
This was our second visit and both times the Beavers were really engaged with Sam’s talk and explanations. Organisation for the pond dipping was excellent and the children learnt a lot. We can’t wait to revisit. Thank you.

School / Organisation: Mathilda Marks Kennedy School
Year Group: Reception
Visit Date: 17.07.19
Activities Undertaken: Meadow, camouflage game and pond dipping
Fantastic day out. The children really enjoyed it and learnt so much about different plants and animals in fun and exciting activities. The facilities and resources are excellent. Thank you for making it such a great outing. Visit by Mathilda Marks Kennedy School
Activities: Meadow, camouflage game and pond dipping
Teacher’s comments: “Fantastic day out. The children really enjoyed it and learnt so much about different plants and animals in fun and exciting activities. The facilities and resources are excellent. Thank you for making it such a great outing.”

Visit by Frith Manor Primary School
Activities: Life Cycles and Pollination
Teacher’s comments: “An excellent round-off to our life cycles topic in science where the children were able to make links with all their learning. The setting of the Environmental Centre is fantastic and the children thoroughly enjoyed their day. The pond dipping activity was especially memorable – the children had no idea that there could be so many different species in such a small area. The new building looks wonderful.”

Visit by Dwight School London
Activities: Pond dipping and Food chains
Teacher’s comments: “As always Caroline is full of energy and enthusiasm which makes the work shop such a pleasure. She is very knowledgable and able to engage the children in their learning. Looking forward to next year.”

Visit by Wren Primary Academy
Activities: Woodland explorers
Teacher’s comments: “We really enjoyed our fantastic trip to the Barnet Environment Centre. It was great to take the children somewhere in our local community where they could really learn from the environment. Caroline, our group leader, was fantastic with the children who were engaged throughout and really learnt a lot from her. It was a fantastic morning in beautiful surroundings and we will be booking again next year.”

Visit by Foulds
Activities: Rocks and fossils
Teacher’s comments: “We love visiting the Environment Centre! The wide range of hands-on activities and learning experiences fit in perfectly with our curriculum!”

Visit by St Catherines school
Activities: Woodlands
Teacher’s comments: “We loved the trip and will be back again to visit in different seasons.”

These have been selected to show you the range of activities undertaken by our visitors.

Visit by Alexandra Park School
Activities: site tour, pond-dipping, talk about environment, biotic/Simpson’s index, talk about various species.
Teacher’s comments: “This was an inspiring day for our students. They came away saying they would never look at a pond the same way again. Other students were so inspired by what they learned about plastic pollution that they have started a campaign at school to spread awareness. They also managed to collect evidence to pass their AS practical requirements. Thank you Caroline, you had a big impact on them!”

Visit by Vita et Pax Preparatory School
Activities: Rocks and Soils.
Teacher’s comments: “Excellent facilities and activities for the children to complete. The children remained engaged the whole day and this was due to a carefully planned programme of tasks. Plenty of space for bags/coats etc and space to sit for lunch.”

Visit by Monkfrith School
Activities: Rocks, Soils and Materials
Teacher’s comments: “Caroline is extremely accommodating and knowledgeable. She planned a great day that matched the national curriculum objectives. She was well equipped for all SEN children and provided alternatives for children that needed it. Our classes really enjoyed their day and learnt so much in the time.”

Visit by Vita et Pax School
Activities: Habitats and Adaptation
Teacher’s comments: “Another fantastic day of learning for the children. They loved being outside looking at all the wonderful things our natural environment has to offer. They were fascinated by the creatures that they found during the pond dipping session. Thank you for a brilliant day.”

Visit by The Annunciation Catholic Infant School
Activities: Plant and Animal Habitats
Teacher’s comments: “We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Barnet Environmental Centre. The day was very well planned, educational and great fun. Caroline is highly engaging and her lessons were ‘pitched perfectly’ to hold and maintain our children’s attention. She has a wealth of knowledge which she shares with great enthusiasm. We will be booking again for next year.”

Visit by UCS JB
Activities: Pond dipping, woodland walk, minibeast exploration, building a creature
Teacher’s comments: “The day was very well organised and the activities were spot on for children. Caroline is very knowledgeable and was able to answer the boys’ questions with ease. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the trip and learnt a lot from it.”

These have been selected to show you the range of activities undertaken by our visitors.

Visit by Vita et Pax School
Activities: Pond dipping, pollination game, lifecycle activities.
Teacher’s comments: “Caroline is excellent at showing and teaching the children about the natural world. The day consolidated a lot of learning for the Year 5 Lifecycles topic and the children were engaged and fascinated all day long. The centre were also able to accommodate children in our group with special educational needs.
Thanks for the wonderful day!”

Visit by Coppetts Wood Primary School
Activities: Rocks and Soils.
Teacher’s comments: “A practical, hands-on workshop for the children, looking at rocks, fossils, exploring the soil and experiencing rocks and fossilised artefacts with lots of interesting facts. The children really enjoyed the day.”

Visit by Danegrove Primary School Teaching Staff
Activities: Walk around the nature reserve.
Teacher’s comments: “A fabulous place to take children and staff. We had an INSET with Caroline after a long day at school so we were all overjoyed to be welcomed into the new, inspiring, wonderful education centre with a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit. Caroline talked us through the nature reserve and took us all on a wonderful walk through the trees and fields. At the end of the ‘learning walk’, we all took part in pond dipping which everyone loved. A wonderful hour spent with Caroline and hopefully lots of our children will be coming along soon too.”

Visit by Monkfrith Primary School
Activities: Lifecycles and Habitats.
Teacher’s comments: “A really engaging day. The children enjoyed the activities presented and gained much from the practical elements provided. The tasks were suitable and readily differentiated to suit all abilities.”

Visit by Woodridge Primary School
Activities: Adaptation, Pond dipping, Meadow Sweeping
Teacher’s comments: “The children had a wonderful time exploring the nature reserve and particularly enjoyed pond dipping and meadow sweeping. They also enjoyed learning about Water Quality.”

Visit by Vita et Pax School
Activities: Activities to support the Year 4 Habitats topic.
Teacher’s comments: “Caroline is very knowledgeable and brings the outside world ‘alive’ for children.”

These have been selected to show you the range of activities undertaken by our visitors.

Visit by Coppetts Wood Primary School
Activities: Rocks and Soils
Teacher’s comments: “The children really enjoyed the session and learning about the process of rocks and soils. It was very ‘hands on’ and children loved all the different fossils. They particularly enjoyed making their own ‘fossils’.”

Visit by 7th Edgware Brownie
Activities: Natural Art
Leader’s comments: “All very good. The Brownies absolutely loved the evening as did the leaders.  Caroline’s enthusiasm for the subject was highly contagious and rubbed off on everybody.  We are very grateful to both Penny and Caroline for the amount of time and effort that they both put into the evening.”

Visit by Monkfrith Primary School
Activities: Lifecycles
Teacher’s comments: “Very interactive with all children involved and engaged. Children amazed at the creatures identified. Good first-hand experience. Very well organised. Adapted and suited to group.”

FROM 03/15 TO 07/15
Please find below the comments from school visitors from a selection of the 34 school visits that have taken place since Caroline Gellor, our Environmental Education Manager, began her work here in March 2015.

June 2015
Visit by Queen Elizabeth Boys’ School, Year 12
Activities: Transect and tree beating.
Teacher’s comments: “Most boys engaged really well with the activities. Activities were well thought out and fit for purpose, generating appropriate data and discussion. Many thanks.”

June 2015
Visit by Vita et Pax Preparatory School, Year 2
Activities: Looking at minibeast habitats, pond dipping, adaptation, using keys to identify.
Teacher’s comments: “The children thoroughly enjoyed their day as there was a good range of activities, mainly practical to keep them engaged. The explanations given by Caroline were at an appropriate level, and her enthusiasm and subject knowledge were clearly evident.
Everyone, including the adults, felt they had learned a lot and many of the children said it was the best school trip they had ever been on.”

June 2015
Visit by Foulds School, Year Group 3/4
Activities: Rocks and soils half day.
Teacher’s comments: “Really enjoyed it, liked being outside and were very engaged with the hands-on activities. They really experienced rocks and soils. For lots the mini-beast collecting was their favourite part. Great to have many different fossils that they hadn’t seen before too. Thank you also for letting us have the clay to finish this activity back at school. So much information and very good subject knowledge. The teachers had a lovely manner with the children. Thank you for an excellent day. We would love to come back next year!”

June 2015
Visit by Mathilda Marks Kennedy School, Reception
Activities: Investigating habitats using senses, pond dipping.
Teacher’s comments: “The children thoroughly enjoyed the day. They particularly liked the camouflage game, looking for different coloured wool, and the pond dipping. They liked the hands-on activities and so also enjoyed the feely game at the start of the day.”

June 2015
Visit by 5th North Finchley Brownies
Activities: Pollination, insects in the meadow, tree and leaf identification.
Teacher’s comments: “A good, balanced programme. They enjoyed the “hunt the pollen” game and were then ready to observe the insects and trees. Caroline is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and handled the group well.”

June 2015
Visit by Foulds School, Year Group 1
Activities: Minibeasts and food chains.
Teacher’s comments: “The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Countryside Centre. The activities were very well planned and helped both to consolidate objectives covered in class and introduce new knowledge and vocabulary to further extend all children. The children particularly enjoyed how practical and hands-on the sessions were. The science was really brought to life, giving the children a “true life” and meaningful experience that they could relate to.”

April 2015
Visit by Osidge Primary School, Year 1
Activities: Enchanted woodland – tree identification, minibeast search and pond dipping.
Teacher’s comments: “The children (and parents, helpers and teachers) had an absolutely fantastic day with you at the Centre. The learning was so hands-on and the children were able to experience so much in just one day. Caroline was marvellous and thank you for everything!”

April 2015
Visit by St Christopher’s School, Year 2
Activities: Minibest hunt, sensory trail adaptation, habitat.
Teacher’s comments: “Lovely day – well resourced. Very knowledgeable leaders.”

March 2015
Visit by Lyonsdown School, Year Group Reception
Activities: Nature walk, feely bags
Teacher’s comments: “The activities were perfectly pitched for the children. Everyone had fun. The leaders were very, very informative and the feely bag idea was brilliant and something that I will use for school in the future.”


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